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Health Food For Plants




Health Food For Plants


Dear Caretaker of our beautiful planet Earth,

This is the first issue of many to come in which we will discuss challenges we face when making decisions pertaining to our gardens, landscapes, environment and our health. After all, without good health our life (which is our most important possession), becomes a struggle instead of a joy. When referring to our life we must intergrade , physically, mentally, emotionally and last but not least spiritually. What we consume is directly related to our life as mentioned above. For example, if you feed your mind on garbage as in crime and violence, crime and violence will be your platform. Garbage in, garbage out. Just look at the heinous crimes being committed today and compare it with today’s television and movie programming. In order to consume a proper diet, be it physical, emotional or spiritual we must be:

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1 - well informed

2 - understand the phraseology being used

3 - the meaning of the words being used and

4 - being able to discern the difference between marketing, sales and genuine concern for the Public.


The last point mentioned #4 is where we shine, genuine concern. We at Feed Your Soil are interested not only in selling Product, but defusing information into the Public that will enable you to make an intelligent, wise and well-informed decisions, one that will benefit you and your love ones, at the same time doing your share in caring for the safety and welfare of our Planet. You might ask: What does all this have to do with fertilizer and my garden? Well, read this. Dr. Bernard Jensen, a pioneer in the Health field for 45 years, at that time in 1984, said in his book: “The Healing Power of Chlorophyll From Plant Life”, on page 16, said the following, “We create problem-foods when we grow them with unnatural fertilizers and sprays. These substances accumulate in the plant. We end up with a “drugged” food. When we create a drugged food, we create a food that has an accumulative activity when it enters the human body. These sprays, pesticides, and inorganic fertilizers will eventually get to the tissues in our body and cause a disturbance. It’s these substances that are found to be carcinogenic in most cases It’s the addition of these substances that gets into our livestock. While the first piece of meat we eat isn’t going to cause problems, the accumulative effect of many pieces of meat containing these additions will. Our Carcinogenic Environment Many of these substances that are found to be carcinogenic are used on our fruits and vegetables. That’s why I say we are living in a carcinogenic environment. We are living it, drinking it, eating it. Survival Law No. 3 We come to this simple truth: We must REPLENISH the earth with everything that ever grew on this earth. Everything must come back as fertilizer for all the soil. When “All” comes back, we have a wholeness which will contain all the chemical elements needed for health. No shortages will occur in the man who partakes of food grown in this soil.”


Now if the ground is void of macro and micro-nutrients, will your plants be healthy, even though they might look pretty and big? It’s like a plant having walking pneumonia. It doesn’t know it is sick, not to mention that when you consume it, with time, it will weaken your immune system, with sickness on the horizon. If you don’t consume it as in trees and ornamentals, your species immune system will, likewise, be compromised, resulting in insects, diseases, poor growth, and an unhappy gardener. Don’t blame the plants, blame the soil they live in, which only you can control. We hope this gives you a preview of what our mission is all about. We recommend you sign up for our Newsletter. Print them out and save for future references. In our next Blog we will discuss a very widespread misunderstanding of the words “Organic” and “Inorganic”, entitled, “Organic vs Organic”. Don’t miss it!

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